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Going back to history, Domino’s pizza was founded by two brothers named Tom and Jim Monaghan in 1960. Initially, it was not entitled As Domino’s rather it was a well-known restaurant known as Dominick and they had to go through various challenges in giving its new name and create a good reputation of it. Today Domino’s pizza stands at the 2nd number on pizza chain just after the pizza hut. The Headquarter of the corporation is at Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Richard E. Allison Jr. is the CEO of Domino. Starting in 1973, domino’s pizza had this offer that if a client put his order online then he/she would get that pizza within 30 minutes of submitting their order and if that took longer time then 30 minutes then they would get free pizza. This guarantee was changed to $3 off in the mid-1980s. Meanwhile, in December 2007, they came up with this new slogan, “You Got 30 Minutes” referring to their previous initiate, however avoiding promising conveyance in half an hour. This deal is open for the orders placed in stores that are located in Colombia, Vietnam, Mexico, China, and India. This deal comes with its terms and conditions concerning these countries. Since their delivery time guarantee is within 30 minutes when a customer places his order if the time exceeds they do not find their drivers. The rule 30 minutes or free is not applicable if the store’s operating condition was not suitable to inform at the time of placing the order. Domino’s Pizza reserves the right to withdraw the service guarantee without the aforementioned information. One of the most discussed topics is that should a customer pay tips to the drivers, well it depends on the situation and the order one places. If the order has to be delivered in a near area where access is easy then one can skip the tip but the driver who has minimum wages and having tips is one way to add up in their income then one should go for giving the tips. Since nothing comes for free, we have to pay for everything and if the delivery destination is far fledged area and where they have to travel miles and to get good services in the future if ordered from the same store then customers must pay the tips based on on what have ordered. But this refund takes almost 10 business days for the refund to be processed depending on how you had paid the bill which could be through credit card or PayPal. Domino’s never failed to make their customer happy and always come up with incredible deals, so if there’s a Dominos near you, use coupon code BAILOUT to mark a free medium pizza for yourself. All you need to do is go to the domino’s pizza website, press the order button and put your address to find a store near you. You choose the store depending on your convenience and then you put an order for a medium one-topping pizza after all use the coupon code BAILOUT and then press to free three times. You get the free pizza then which is medium in size with one topping. When clients win prize points from qualifying orders expire after 180 days of account inactivity when means that a specific period in which you haven’t earned or redeemed any points in your account. The expiry date differs when the bonus points keep on adding. A different point comes with different expiry dates. After all this, domino’s realized that the brand is more than just a pizza and the previous name asserts this so they changed its name from Domino’s Pizza to simple Domino in 2012. Domino's Pizza is now simply Domino's, permitting the brand to expand its creation and not stipulate it to a certain product. To make sure that all the franchises around the globe come on the same track of this new name they asked their fans to promote this on social media and upload photos on Instagram that depict storefronts that are still sporting the old logo. The rule is that if anyone who uploads a picture using the hashtag #LogoInformants and #Sweeps before the mentioned date, they can be eligible to win a free pizza for a year or a $10 Domino’s gift card to discourage the franchises and stores who are still using the old name. The day it was founded it keeps on expanding and in February 2016, its 1000th store was inaugurated in India. A company Jubilant Food Works an Indian company owns the chief franchises for India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka which operates 1,232 stores across 264 Indian cities as of 2018. India is the only country to have over 1,000 Domino’s outlets is the largest international market for Domino’s outside its home market. One of the biggest debates which make customers think twice when ordering foods is that is it haram or halal. And India’s Domino’s customer care center has confirmed that non-veg is not halal rather it is machine cut. Since a huge population in India eats only halal food so as an ethical gesture they are supposed to mention it in their outlet if its halal or haram. As we are aware of the fact that All pork products are forbidden by Muslim law, so in domino’s decided to trial a halal menu in Hall Green and two other stores in 2009, but due to very poor sales they had to go back to their conventional menu removing halal menu because the customers didn’t appreciate this new menu. So it’s cannot be considered halal because pork and its products are strictly prohibited to Muslims. Domino which world’s second-largest pizza chain has got approval for a drug test of employees who are in line for a promotion and are suspected of using drugs during office times. It was the owner Tom Monaghan who banned this and approved for the drug testing policy for 30,000 employees. If the employees are to be considered for the promotion then they would have to go through this drug test. Clients can whenever reach out to the domino’s customer care office and their outlets for their queries or if they encounter any issues regarding their experience with the company. Domino’s number is not toll-free and the phone call has its standard charges. In the end, the company provides jobs at various levels for thousands of people. An online application form is submitted, the selected candidate both on store level and corporate level accordingly. On job-hunting websites such as and others where people could hunt for job opportunities and submit their resume online.